Plane Quiver Tail Socks

Plane Quiver Tail Socks: Bubble

These socks are constructed with the same high quality materials and workmanship as the bags. They come in three different sizes to accommodate V-Tails for most 3 meter sailplanes. Material is industrial strength bubble packing that is light, durable and attractive.

Special Features: The special bubble packing material provides excellent UV protection and are very light weight. Velcro straps will keep the socks in place and secure.

Note: When ordering, measure your V-tail length from base to tip and the width where the V-tail connects to the fuse. Select the size that is closest to your configuration. If your V-tail is in between two sizes, select the next larger size.


16" $20.00: Inner Dimension Measurements - Length 16", Width 5.5"

15" $20.00: Inner Dimension Measurements - Length 15", Width 5.5"

14" $20.00: Inner Dimension Measurements - Length 14", Width 5.5"



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