"I really enjoy your products. The 68, the 80 bags and the Back pack I bought from you make a real great job.

I use the 80" plane quiver to transport my 4m scale glider and it works nice. The huge fuselage fit inside and even the 2 wings.

I could help you making some review of your new products in 2010 if you want."

tks, Thierry

"Mike, the bag arrived quickly! It looks great, looking forward to
using it. Thanks again for a great product and your friendly, high
quality responsiveness. I wish all businesses would conduct
themselves like you do.

Blue skies, --Peter

"I received my Plane Quiver Back Pack from Mike on Monday...loaded her up with a Wizard and a Ascot...the wizard wings fit inside completely and the Ascot stck out around 12" out the top...9303 in the front pocket and ballast for the two planes and wing joiners....I am 6'4" and the fit is comfy...

Great job Mike and thanks...
fwiw I have other Plane Quivers bags find them very well designed and useful.


"Greetings from Palm Springs...

Just received your 50" quiver and tail socks from Soaring USA and
wanted to commend you on such an excellent quality product....

I have seen a number of bags for gliders and planes, and nothing
comes even close to your quality and thoughtful design...

Just a thanks for making such a good product.... I will def
recommend you to others.

Best Wishes,


"The backpack arrived today and looks fantastic! I tried it on with my 3m 3-piece e-Graphite F5J and was quite surprised with the excellent comfort and fit. I am impressed with the attention to detail and all the extra work that went into adding the belt straps and chest straps that will allow for long hikes in windy and rugged conditions to be very safe and comfortable. Absolutely beautiful work!

I'm so glad that there are people like you making these products and I will certainly enjoy this for many many years."


"Today, I picked up the PQ Back Pack (after 1 week vacation) and this too looks great!

I enjoyed using the PQ II during my vacation. It worked very fine in the car. Now, I'm looking forward to use the Back Pack on trips from our mountain cottage, for sloap soaring during the seasons to come.

I have enclosed two recent pictures. As you can see, we had lots of snow. I guess it looks a little different from Alamo in California.

Thanks again for the super products."

Kind regards,




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