NEW: Plane Quiver Back Pack III:


















$199.95 USD

Plane Quiver Back Pack III: (SEE PICTURES)

I prototyped new back pack designs for months and I'm happy to introduce this improved product to the market. Same durable construction and material as the popular Plane Quivers but with a more flexible design to accommodate most wing configurations including scale gliders. Designed to make those long hikes to the flying sites easier while protecting your models and keeping your hands free.

The Plane Quiver Back Pack III is light, comfortable and flexible.

Unique Features:
- Removable Scale Fuse pouch and Dual Fuse socks to secure two fuses on the side
- Large open top design to accommodate various wing configurations
- Four large padded wing pockets and padding on the bottom - closed cell EVA foam
- Padded shoulder straps and waist belt to evenly distribute the weight
- Large generous pocket for transmitter, ballast, etc..
- Able to connect a shoulder strap and carry it as a traditional type bag
- Reinforced straps to hang the bag if desired
- Special straps on the bottom to carry whatever, chair, coat, ballast bag, etc..

NOTE: The Optional Plane Quiver Shoulder Straps can be purchased separately for $20.00

All of these quivers have the same high quality construction. We are committed to providing the highest quality products for reasonable prices.

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