Plane Quiver II Photos

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Attractive Blue and Gray 600 Denier Polyester

Plane Quiver II features a unique fuse sock located on top of the bag

The wing and fuses are protected so they are not damaged during transport or storage

The new design is very light and durable.

Two generous padded pockets are lined with industrial bubble packing for maximum protection

Transport two 3 meter planes: 3 or 2 part wings or up to four 60" wings safely

Close up of handles and pockets

Shoulder straps are placed at an angle to reduce the stress on the wings during transport. The weight is better distributed at an angle

The Durable 600 Denier is UV and water resistant for added protection

Inside pocket for T-tail stabs or extra long joiners

Safely hang the entire plane including the fuses

This unique feature will protect the entire plane from damage during storage

Fuse Sock has two nylon synches that will keep the fuses secure during transport and storage

Fueses can be rotated so they tails don't scrape when the bag is placed on the ground

Fuse socks will accommodate both v-tail and t-tail fuses with the same level of protection