About Plane Quiver

R/C glider builders have pushed the envelope with more advanced models for F3F, Dynamic Soaring, Man on Man or just recreational slope soaring. These new and advanced models came in many shapes, sizes and price ranges. Pilots rushed to obtain the latest and greatest toys and quickly learned how to maximize their capabilities. However, whenever I saw these cool new toys, I was amazed to see what people did to protect these planes and some didn't want to use bags because they didn't want to scratch the wings.

Through the years I noticed a number of glider bags on the market but none of them had everything that I felt a good quality bag should have. It appeared that the bag design and quality did not evolve with the planes. Therefore, in 2001, I started designing my own bags and tried to add all the things that I wanted to see in a high quality product. The first Plane Quiver bag was released in 2005 and after all this time and a lot of help from bag manufacturers, specialists, and customers we finally have several products that are as nice as the models we fly.

I work with a very capable local bag designer and manufacturer of high quality bags for the pro-audio industry. We spend hours testing designs and running prototypes but I believe we finally have several viable products that will make a difference. Plane Quiver bags are expensive to manufacturer but I decided to keep the price as low as possible to give the customers more value for their money. I figured it was more important to market high quality products at reasonable prices.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy our products.


Mike Seto


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